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How long do visitors stay on your website?


Increase visitors on your website by giving them what they want.

Increase visitors on your website by answering questions and providing solutions.

Visitors to your site are ruthless. Does it have what I want? Yes, OK I’ll stay. For a little while. No. Click; I leave. First-time visitors to your website are the most unforgiving. According to Content 1st, 98% of first-time visitors never come back.


Average visitor times and reactions to a website:


  • 50 ms (or less) – visitor forms their first impression
  • 2.6 seconds – visitor sees what influenced their first impression
  • 10 seconds or less – visitor usually makes leave or stay decision
  • 30 seconds – the chances of keeping visitors staying on the website longer increases
  • 60 seconds – the average time on site


In a recent study, Google reported that website visitors determine their first impression of a website in 50 ms. Let me put that in perspective for you. According to Wikipedia, the average human eye blink is 100-400ms. In less than half the blink of an eye, your prospect forms their first impression of your website.


Dr. Hong Sheng conducted a study of Missouri University of Science and Technology students. She measured their reaction to websites. She found that her test subjects took less time than Google’s. On average they formed their impression in 20 ms. Dr. Sheng also discovered that it took them an average of 2.6 seconds to see what influenced their first impression.


A Nielsen Norman Group study says the average user decides in 10 seconds or less to leave or stay. They also say that the mean time on site is less than a minute. If visitors to your site stay 30 seconds your chances for them to stay longer increase.


How to Keep Visitors on Your Website?


Perhaps the easiest way to keep visitors is to give them what they are looking for and do it fast. Most visitors arrive at a website because of entries into a search engine. They have problems or questions and need solutions and answers.


In 10 seconds or less, visitors decide whether you have what they need. If the content on your site answers their questions and solves their problems, you will keep your visitors engaged.


If you capture their attention for 30 seconds, chances are they will remain on the site even longer. Keep them longer and you reduce your bounce rate and improve conversions. How do you keep your visitors engaged? Again, you do it with rich content. Remember; they want content that answers questions and solves problems.


How We Can Help?


Leverage our professional experience. We know what your prospect wants and will ensure the content on your site meets their needs. Remember, our lead writer “walked their walk” for 20 years.


Website Services:


  • Website copy: We deliver compelling web copy. Content that answers questions and provides solutions. Provide us a list of your keywords and phrases and we will ensure it is SEO optimized.
  • Website / SEO Assessment: Examine existing website pages. Provide a comprehensive report and suggested improvements.
  • Assisting with A/B Split testing to determine the best solution.



Contact us now to learn how we can help you reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions.

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