Social Media

How To Increase B2B

Technology Leads

Use Social Media to:

Boost New Leads and Reclaim Any That Were Lost


Social media is a great way to increase B2B technology leads.  The best way is to use it to share your content.  Remember, your potential leads are online looking for information.  They are looking for answers and solutions.  Give them what they want.

 increase B2B technology leads with social media

Share your content across multiple platforms to increase B2B technology leads.


It is human nature to want to help each other. If they find the content useful, they will pass it along. The additional exposure will make it easier for others to find you.


Avoid the temptation to use social media as a direct marketing tool. People don’t like it. If they think you are “selling something to them” they immediately hit the back button.



67% Find Social Media Most Effective Early in The Purchasing Cycle


In 2015 eccolo media did a study on social media’s impact on the buying process. They surveyed people who made or influenced technology purchasing decisions. The study shows that social media was most effective at the beginning of the purchasing cycle. The phase where the prospects sought information.


Use of Social Media in the Sales Cycle


  • Pre-sales: (Prospect unaware of the problem) 31%
  • Initial sales: (Prospect aware of the problem) 36%
  • Middle phase: (Looking for solution/vendor) 25%
  • Final phase: (Vendor selection/purchase) 9%



How We Can Help Your Social Media Campaign


  • Social media strategy
  • Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Technical forums
  • Content that supports your social media strategy


Take advantage our professional experience. We know what your prospect wants and will ensure the content on your site meets their needs. Remember, our lead writer “walked their walk” for 20 years.


Contact us now to learn how we can help you use social media to get more leads. Together we can develop a plan that helps keep your B2B technology content fresh in your prospect’s mind.

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