Inbound Marketing

How to Increase B2B Technology Leads

Inbound Marketing:  Where Leads Find You


Use Inbound Marketing and your B2B Technology Leads come to you.

Inbound marketing uses a variety of methods that enable your B2B Technology Leads to discover you.

Inbound Marketing is an effective way to get new B2B Technology Marketing prospects and leads. It’s not a brand new system; it has been around for about nine years. What makes it so potent? Simply put, your prospects come to you.
Inbound Marketing is less invasive than traditional marketing. With Inbound Marketing you do not make cold calls, send spam emails or direct mail to find prospects and leads. Most prospects may even consider these methods annoying. Don’t you?


Every day it gets harder to meet your goals using those intrusive methods.  Technology and the waste basket make it easy to avoid unwanted marketing. Everyone uses caller ID and email filters to save time.  How much of your direct mail goes into the trash unread?


Most of Buyers’ Decision Made – Before They Contact You


Technology buyers conduct thorough research online before they commit to a solution. Google says that B2B buyers are over halfway to a decision before they contact a vendor. SpiceWorks polled their community of IT professionals about making hardware and software purchases. Their survey reported a higher percentage. Three-quarters of respondents said they were 70% of the way to a decision before contacting a vendor.


How Does Inbound Marketing Work


Inbound Marketing is subtle and non-intrusive. It takes advantage of your prospects pre-contact research. They are starving for information on the technology they are considering. They have questions needing answers and problems without solutions.
A well thought out Inbound Marketing strategy keeps your company high in search engine results. How? You answer their questions and provide solutions to their problems. Listed below are several ways to get your information out.


  • Blogs
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO



You should resist the temptation to use these as marketing vehicles. You want to appear as a source of help and information. Do that and you will likely be on the short list of vendors.



Our lead writer is Inbound Marketing Certified by HubSpot. He knows how to communicate with your prospects – he was an IT professional for twenty years. He knows what they are looking for and expect.



Contact us now.  Learn how we can integrate Inbound techniques into your B2B Technology marketing strategy.


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