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Reports About the Death of Email Are Preposterous


smartphones play an increasing role in email marketing

Smartphones and tablets play a more increasing role in email marketing campaigns.

Often, content surfaces on the Internet that laments the death of email marketing campaigns. They claim that one facet or another of our technology driven society has overcome email.


This is not true. The numbers don’t lie. The number of people using email is increasing and so is the way they access it. Of marketers surveyed in 2015, 73% say it is the core of their business, and almost 70% of them plan to increase email marketing.


Email Marketing Facts and Figures:


The Money:  Revenue predictions are from non-partisan reports released by The Radicati Group, Inc. A technology market research firm.


  •  2015 – Radicati Group forecasted $13.6 Billion in revenue
  • 2016 – Radicati Group predicts $19.3 Billion in revenue
  • 4300% Return on Investment


The Numbers:  The statistics on our page come from the EmailStatCenter.  All of their statistics are referenced on their website.


  • 2014 – 91% smartphone users check email on their phones
  • 2015 – 2.6 billion email accounts exist
  • Tablet owners check email (69%) and search (70%) online daily
  • Email marketing is Four times more effective than Direct Mail



4 Steps We Can Take to Improve your B2B Email Marketing



  • Clear, concise subject lines
  • Smartphone and tablet friendly
  • Clear, concise header summary
  • Use graphics and video



If you want your audience to read your email marketing content it has to be clear and concise. The people you are targeting for lead generation or technology marketing do not have time to waste. If your email subject line and content are not direct and to the point, they will not read it.



Our lead writer knows how to connect with these people. Like your prospects, he had to wade through countless emails that didn’t get to the point. Also, like your prospects, he deleted most of them during his mailbox triage. You have mere seconds to capture their interest. Don’t waste time trying to be cute or misleading.



The future of email marketing is in mobile devices. Every day more people are using their smart devices for business and not just social media. Google released a report called The Changing Face of B2B Marketing. In it, they report a 91% increase in B2B researchers using smartphones throughout the buying process.



Add graphics and video to your email marketing campaign. More B2B people are using their smart devices to review graphics and video. They aren’t just looking at cute kitten videos. In 2014, they watched a total of 895K hours of the top B2B videos.



Email marketing is not dead. The revenue and the statistics are growing. The Radicati Group studies show steady revenue increases. The EmailStatCenter statistics illustrate how email as a whole is growing. Together they prove the viability of the marketing strategy.



Do you want better results from your email digital marketing strategy? Apply the four steps mentioned above. The B2B marketing trends noted in the Google study support this.



Contact us and we can work together to boost your email marketing results.


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