Case Studies

Using a Case Study to Highlight Your Company



Use a case study to highlight your company.

Use a case study to highlight your company. There is no better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product.

If done using the right approach case studies can be a powerful tool in your content marketing strategy. Well-written case studies build awareness and credibility for your products. If written using the right keyword phrases they can secure a high rank in search engines. To write an engaging case study you should:


  • Focus on your customer’s problem and solution
  • Interview all internal and external stakeholders
  • Tell it like a story



A Great Case Study Tells a Story



Case studies are a useful tool only if your prospects read them. The case study must engage your prospect. The best way to engage them is to tell a story.  Some basic elements are:



  • Your customer’s problem
  • How / why they decided on your technology
  • How they implemented your product or service
  • Their results / success upon implementation of your tech



Most case studies focus only on the solution. The key is to remember that the case study is not about your product or service. It is about your customer. Your target audience is as curious about them as they are your technology.

A skilled interviewer can extract how they solved their problem using your technology. An expert storyteller then creates a story in human terms that states their problem and solution.



While the format looks simple, it is not easy to write. To write a successful case study, a writer must have two qualities. The ability to interview and tell a story.



How We Use a Case Study to Highlight Your Company



We interview all possible sources of information. We talk to your experts and your customer’s experts. We learn everything we can about your success story from all sides. These interviews are critical to creating a great case study.



Our lead writer especially likes interviewing the engineers and customer service people. Their experiences help him craft an excellent case study. After all, who knows your product or service better than those who deploy and support it.



Interviews and Resources


  • All available information on product / service
  • Your Sales / Account Manager
  • Your Engineers / Technicians
  • Customer Service / Help Desk
  • Stake Holder / Subject Matter Experts
  • The customer’s POC / Account Manager
  • Customer Engineers / Technicians (if applicable)
  • Customer Service (if applicable)


Basic Steps


  • After we review the documents and conduct the interviews, we will submit a detailed outline for your approval.
  • When we receive your consent, we will write the case study and submit the final draft for you and your customer to approve.
  • Return our final draft with any changes you or your customer want. We will make the revisions and send you the final copy.



Contact us now to see how we can use case studies to highlight your company.

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