How Blogs Increase B2B Technology Leads Up To 67% Per Month


Blog to increase B2B technology leads

Blogging is an easy way to increase B2B technology leads and customers.

Do you have a blog? Do you post to it on a regular basis? Did you answer no to either of these questions? You may want to rethink your stand on blogging. Blogging is an effective way to collect leads. The data in the links below are reason enough to start a blog or keep your existing blog updated.


4 Reasons to Blog



The Google, SpiceWorks, and HubSpot content have different numbers, but each is saying the same thing.  They tell you that your prospects are doing their homework before making contact.  Use their Internet research to your advantage.


If you want to increase B2B technology leads get your content in front them early and often. Avoid the impulse to flood them with marketing material. There is a time and place for marketing but a blog is not it. Instead, post articles designed to help them.


You want to deliver content that answers questions and solves problems. Give your prospects useful content and you earn their trust. With it, you win their business.



Be active on your blog. Respond to questions and comments. Interact with your prospects and clients. It helps develop a bond between you and your audience. This increases their trust in you.


As a pleasant side effect, an active blog drives traffic to your website. Search engine spiders love activity. The more you post, the more pages you create for them to index. This helps prospects find your website when they search for industry-specific products and services.



How We Can Help Meet Your Goals


  • Strategy. Based on your marketing goals: We design the blogging strategy. Create a blogging calendar, determine keywords, and develop the promotion plan for social media
  • Blog Content. We create content based on the strategy we developed together
  • Post-Publication
    • If not already done, setup Google Analytics
    • Respond as necessary to comments.


Contact us now.  Learn how we can help you increase B2B technology leads with your business blog.

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