Ray Weeks, B2B Technology Copywriter and Inbound Marketing Specialist

Ray Weeks, B2B Technology Copywriter and Inbound Marketing Specialist

I know your prospect ...

Leverage My Technical Experience

and Innovate Your B2B Technical Marketing

It is challenging to find a copywriter who understands technology. It is tougher still to find a writer who can convert your tech data into persuasive marketing content. With the dismal predictions of worldwide IT spending, it is critical for you to find someone with these traits. I have these traits, I can help you innovate your B2B technical marketing and meet your goals.

My Experience, Knowledge, and Training

  • Experience
  • How I Know
    Your Prospects
  • Technical Certifications
  • Transition
  • B2B Copywriting
  • Inbound

Inbound Marketing

In the spring of 2015, I found a HubSpot Marketing post about Inbound Marketing.  I was amazed by how close it dovetailed with my personal philosophy.  I researched it, and the more I read, the more it convinced me.  Imagine that.  We shared the same goal of giving the prospect useful content.  An added benefit is how everything I learned from American Writers & Artists, Inc. ties right in.

The rest, as they say, is history. I studied and passed the HubSpot certification exam. I am now an enthusiastic proponent of Inbound Marketing. I thoroughly enjoy helping prospects answer questions and find solutions.

HubSpot Academy Courses & Training​

  • Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy
  • Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines
  • Creating Content with a Purpose
  • The Fundamentals of Blogging
  • Amplifying Your Content with Social Media
  • Enticing Clicks with Calls-to-Action
  • The Anatomy of a Landing Page
  • Guiding the Next Step with Thank You Pages
  • Sending the Right Email to the Right Person
  • The Power of Smarketing (Sales & Marketing working together)
  • Taking Your Sales Process Inbound
  • Cultivating Happy Customers
Inbound Certification badge 2016
Noah L., Chairman, CEO, & President, ISHPI

“I have worked with Mr. Weeks for nearly a decade. He is the total package; a 100% professional. I knew that if the job had to get done, Ray was one of the go to guys to get it done. He comes highly recommended in my book.”

Mike C.,Virginia, Program Manager, DoD Agency

He routinely took complex concepts and make them easily understood by customers and management, which made him my first choice for time sensitive and important projects.

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