Ray Weeks

Ray's Mission Statement

Hello, I’m Ray Weeks, the lead writer for North Mountain Associates LLC.  It is my mission to develop content that tech people can use.  Not the plain vanilla marketing and sales crap they usually get.

I want my work to answer questions and solve problems.  I know by doing this, people will come to trust and rely on me, and by extension – you.  After all, it is your story that I will be telling.  Gain their confidence and you earn their business.

What Makes Me Different?

I am not your average writer.  I see your tech and prospects differently.  How? First, I have a passion for technology.  That passion led to a 20-year career as an IT professional. I can get up to speed on your tech quickly.

Second, my experience in IT.  As a result of that experience I know your prospects. We speak the same language.  These key elements enable me to establish a rapport with them.  The net result – your message is delivered.

I’m not saying this to thump my chest.  I think, by knowing a little about my experience, you will understand how I can relate to your prospects.  Want to know more?  Click on the button below.

Helen Weeks

Helen's Mission Statement

Hi!  I’m Helen and I am the copy editor and proofreader for North Mountain Associates LLC.  It’s my mission to ensure that your copy is grammatically correct and error free.  Absolutely nothing leaves our office without my scrutiny.

Your story is important to me.  I will make sure that when it leaves here it is accurate and precise.  Together, Ray and I, will develop your prospect’s trust and confidence in your brand.

Do you want to know more about me?  Click on the button below.

Who We Are and What You Can Expect

Ray and Helen B2B Inbound Marketing Team

Who We Are ...

First and foremost, we are a team.  A team that has been working together for almost 42 years.  Half in the military and half in IT.  We know how to work together in the best and the worst of conditions.  Both careers proved a bit challenging at times, but we persevered.

For us, the expression accomplish the mission” is not just a statement.  It is a way of life for both of us.  When we take on your project it becomes our mission.  It will be completed.  We will not accept anything less.

You can expect three things ...

First, you can expect your copy on time.  That is the latest you will get it.  We don’t juggle clients.  We only accept those tasks that we can complete on or ahead of schedule.

Second, your product will be on target.  By on target, we mean that the product will focus on your target audience and where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Third, your content will engage your prospect.  It will answer questions and solve problems.  It is our intention to build trust between you and your prospect.  We want them to rely on you as the “go to” source for answers.  A source who happens to have the technology they need.

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